Friday, 20 May 2022

Live in the midst of nature

When nature bloom...standing in balcony and enjoy the bloom of apricot,apple and Cherry's  trees beauty in the Mid of March feel you are in Switzerland...but it's in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh - our country...Himalayan range having best hidden beauty in hills and valleys....
Who wants to dream and feel nature must come to our destiny to enjoy and must stay for long to feel all nature creation with  surprises. 

Friday, 13 May 2022

Reality of Life- feel nature closely

Days are where different here where you can see this sheep, lamp walking Or passing beside your #cottage #boutiquehotel and it's so natural to see this beauty among hills where apple orchard bloom every day is a surprise for us from nature where climate change as her style ...we wait to see the beauty and charm of nature this destiny #naggar #manali #bhuntar #himachalpradesh ...

Life is a discovery

When you have walked half of life and finding out to rediscover in nature that's the reality of life...Away from the hussle of metro city  and add your new concept of living among hills and also accept the hard life of hills where only purity you will  and  stand your unit #samresort #samhilltop #samheritage in a versatile style connected to nature and we love  to cherries our guest with our homestyle food and can feel the warm hospitality. A travel where you can enjoy the view of Beas River and the hidden beauty of Himachal also the old Indian culture....Drive to our old culture and spend our time with work in nature where everyday is a surprise...#lifemeetsnaturešŸ” #destinyofadventure...#feelserenity...#livelife

Journey Of Samresorts

SAM has started her journey from #samresorts #rishikesh and now we  are running our new unit at #kullumanali as #samhilltop #samhilltopcottage #samhilltopinn to make a satisfactory stay to guest as #boutiquestay #offbeatdestination #uniquestays #comfortablestay 

With all safety rules... 

You all knew this year's are not a good or a very happy time for us #hotel #tourism still we do and bring new concept to enjoy your stay whether we cut our own pockets... 
And gain five star ⭐ review which really hard to earn... 
We always try our best to make #bestservice #BestHospitality ... And our #team make it happens... 

Still we need to fight more but we are ready always with happy šŸ˜Šface... #welcomeall #bestpackageoffer #traveloffers ....

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Nature recall of peace

When you are far away from metro cities and spending your time in the laps of hills ,all the lifestyle get changed. Morning starts with chirping of birds and with a simple tea(with milk) which gives you a fresh start .You are almost cut off from the daily running life but still can imagine new thoughts and ideas to create something new. Your courage level of work increases and mind always work in a peace level.Though you don't do workout but still you feel to be fresh all time.Here you can see the nature beauty although the day where a poet can write poetry easily,a painter love to create best paintings and dreamer can thought  of new ideas to create...Life meets nature...Peaceful surroundings...Life different from modernism...Real feel of Adventure. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Dreamer Creator

When you are in the lap of #nature and where day starts with the chrispering of birds and evening are #musical with hummingbirds  and #greenery of forest make you soothing feel and relax from all anxiety-who will not think to stay here.That's the Samresorts perfect #destination for a #traveller and #naturelovers 

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Breeze Cool Wind

When winter are knocking at your door with cool breeze wind and sunlight is missing for whole day and evening need to be start with bonfire and night end with silence and where morning starts with chirping of birds that the place is Samresort Destiny of Adventure.